Giving Up Control


Giving Up Control

It took 30 years to realize that I needed to give control of my life to God.  There are three questions we need to ask:

1.  Is it Good or God?

2.  Are we running to God or from God?

3.  Have we truly submitted our lives to Him?

Speaker Reel

Challenges we face force us to evaluate our priorities.  Matt Sayman uses past experiences to show others how to handle life's surprises...not just to survive them but to THRIVE in them. 

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The Sayman Family

 Matt is married to his lovely wife Jana.  They live just outside the Dallas/Fort Worth area, with their two boys (Landon and Cade), and two puppies (Larry and Oscar).  


Head Mens Basketball Coach

Matt has coached high school varsity basketball for 12 years.  He is currently the head coach at Grapevine Faith Christian School.  His program is known for it's fast-paced, running & gunning, style of play, as well as aligning with the school's mission of creating authentic Christian leaders.  For more information go to



This fall, Matt is excited to work with MGBasketball Director Matt Garnett.  MGBasketball works with committed players who are looking to take their game to the next level. Simply put, MGBasketball focuses on helping players get better. We customize workouts with the foundation of every MGBasketball workout grounded in fundamental basketball principles.  For more information go to

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